About Us

Etude School of Music is a registered firm in Chennai (India) that teaches both classical and contemporary forms of western music. Well qualified and experienced instructors in various departments impart sound knowledge and skills right from the rudiments of music and guide the students all the way up to achieve excellence in performing arts. The qualification and experience of the instructors and the administrators of this institution are accredited by the authorities within the recognised framework in India and abroad.


One of the finest schools in India known for its "Tonalization" & " Vocalization" in a systematic study of western music.


To keep the need of every individual participant in mind, while choosing the content and duration of the lessons.To encourage the parents to prepare themselves for active participation, particularly in the development process of young students.

Benefits that we Offer

  • Warm inviting professional atmosphere
  • Convenient location with parking space
  • Very close to metro station and bus stop
  • CCTV covered premises with 24hr security
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Trusted by the parent community
  • Safe and secure classrooms
  • Opportunities for students to gain performance and exam accreditation